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PTC/USER is the independent voice for users of software produced by PTC of Needham, Massachusetts. PTC/USER is the sole entity recognized by PTC as the official worldwide representative of its customers. We are an independent, not-for-profit corporation, organized by volunteers from companies owning PTC products.


PTC/USER has a three-fold mission: Support customers of PTC through our extensive network of dedicated users. These communities get together through Regional User Groups (RUGs), meet at LiveWorx and exchange over 100,000 email messages a year through our worldwide forums. Educate through our file library and our participation in events (e.g., LiveWorx) helping vet the content for these events. Advocate through an annual executive meeting with PTC management and through our Technical Committees. We also sponsor Technical Committees (TCs). The committees are composed of volunteers from the membership, who work closely with PTC's Product Managers (PLMs) to direct future software development. This has been a very successful program, with approximately 80% of member suggestions appearing as product enhancements. Committees meet several times each year, including at least one meeting in Boston to facilitate interaction with PTC's development staff. In addition there are approximately 50+ regional user groups worldwide associated with PTC/USER. These independent organizations create the opportunity for Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER,) Windchill, Integrity, Arbortext, Servigistics, Thingworx, Mathcad, Vuforia and other users in a city or region to meet with each other and exchange information.

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If you are interested in learning more about PTC/USER, our membership, and how you might be able to get involved, please find out more about who we are and how to join.